Yankee Candles Introduces Man Candles, and We're Already Begging for More Scents

While watching a gripping episode of Nothing's Still Happening on Mad Men, I saw an ad for the best product line ever: Man Candles from Yankee Candles.

Yankee Candle is offering Man Candles in scents including 2 x 4, Riding Mower, First Down and Man Town (guessing this one smells like La Bare).

City of Ate appreciates the effort, Yankee Candle. But we feel like you missed some crucial man-scent opportunities. Here are our suggestions for Yankee Candles Man Candles that you should create next:

"Check it. The wax in this candle is rendered perfectly."


"Ack! I love it! It'll go perfect with my Cigarette Ash bubble bath!"


"Is that actual McDonald's, or Yankee Candle's new French Fry Waft?" "It's The Waft."


"Ooh. You went with barbacoa? Oh-- wait-- no, it's the combo, isn't it? Al pastor and barabacoa? Excellent choice."


"Mmmmm it smells like bacon, old eggs (bird kind and human kind) and shame up in here!"


We don't care which of these ideas you use first-- actually that's bullshit. Make the brisket candle first, dammit.

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