16 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas this Weekend, June 20 to 23

Warning: It's beautiful out. I repeat: It's beautiful out.

With temperatures slated to stay at mid-nineties and below, you'll actually enjoy leaving your house this weekend. There's a SUP paddle boarding party in Grapevine, a free block party in the Arts District and a giant beer festival and concert at the racetrack, all begging for your affection.

Rather stay indoors? There's tattoos, video games, technology lectures, more beer tastings, burlesque, comedy, comic books and even a Jane Austen themed gala. Draft up a game plan, and click the event titles for more information. I'll see you out there. (I'll be the one fly fishing near the paddle boarders.)

Thursday 6.20 TEDxSMU Auditions at the Kessler -- These tech-savvy literary salons have become the new source for big idea dissemination, especially here in Dallas where SMU does its own licensed offshoot of the national non-profit. Most of those candidates are hand-selected by Higher Powers, but a few are left to chance, Hunger Games style. Hence, the TEDxSMU Auditions, happening on Thursday evening. You'll hear six-minute snippets from 10 different candidates on a variety of topics. Then, you'll vote. Whoever wins gets a presentation spot at the main event later this year.

Dead Cowboy Beer Tasting at Craft and Growler -- Dead Cowboy Beer, a punchy group of enthusiastic brewers from Rockwall County, are currently in search of a space to call their forever home. Until they find it, they do tastings around the Dallas area, like tonight's free event at Craft and Growler from 6 to 8 p.m.

Comedy Circus -- If you like your humor with a side of magic check out the Comedy Circus, hosted by local funnyman, scarf-yanker, Magic Mike. (No, not that Magic Mike.)

Friday 6.21 Cirque du Burlesque -- Ever watch Cirque du Soliel and think "this would be better if they were mostly naked"? Well, you're in for a treat. These gals charm the pants off you while performing big top worthy feats. Prepare to be dazzled.

Arts District Summer Block Party -- When the Arts District gets down, we all get down. The Summer Block Party brings more free fun than you can shake a Water Spirit Headdress sculpture at. We made a guide to help you conquer it.

Immersed in Ink Tattoo and Arts Festival -- It's back, and ready to drop ink all over the Mesquite Convention Center. The weekend needle party comes with a visual overload as human suspension teams, burlesque and twisted sideshow acts perform live. There's also a bunch of contests, so if you have a sinful reminder of Spring Breaks gone by, enter it in the "What Was I Thinking?" category.

Lucky Pot Dinner and Community Celebration -- Nasher Xchange, that giant public art initiative set to begin in October, has contracted the help of Houston rebel rouser Rick Lowe. He's a force: an artists turned activist whose efforts have been crucial to lifting portions of his city out of poverty. His section of Nasher Xchange takes place in our city's multicultural hub, and it's called Trans.lation: Vickery Meadow. The opening event, a pot luck representing all of Vickery Meadow's cultural influences, takes place on Friday evening. Be there at the start of it all.

Screw Attack Gaming Convention -- It's nerdery turned up to 11 at Screw Attack, that giant celebration of all things games. There'll be consoles, cabinets, old school and new, and even an Iron Man of Gaming competition. We made a guide to the weekend long event. Check it out. Saturday 6.22 Best Little Brewfest in Texas -- It brings life's best stuff together: Beer, music and more beer.

Blow Up Closes, Domestic Dissonance Opens -- This exhibition of inflatable and at times wearable, sculptures comes to a brilliant close on Saturday at Red Arrow Contemporary. To send it off properly, local Danielle Georgiou Dance Group will perform, dressed in the colorful creature suits. Meanwhile at Circuit 12, you'll squeegee your eyeballs for a dose of new with the opening of Domestic Dissonance.

Texas Ultimate SUP Classic -- Stand Up Paddle Boarding brings one of two reactions: "That looks fun!" or "They're gonna fall!" Either way, you'll a whole lake's worth of satisfaction from this event, which unites enthusiasts from around the state for a celebratory weekend in Grapevine.

Fang Festival -- S-sss-ss-s-nakes! Yep, it's snake season. They perform a needed ecological service, and boy are they efficient at it. You can party with snakes on Saturday and learn more about their role and unfortunate reputation.

The Netherfield Ball -- It's a bash exclusively for Jane Austen enthusiasts, named after the gala she penned. Expect a time-period affair with much corset rustling.

Sunday 6.23 9 to 5 The Musical -- These ladies were Lean In champions before phrase was coined. Since then Dolly's gang of office rebels has been revamped, turned into a musical stage production. Sunday is your last chance to catch it. Awesome Comic Book Collector Show -- Got gaps in your collection? Of course you do. Get to the dork party before your collector nemesis snatches up the Batman comic you so desperately need.

Midsummer Night's Dream -- Shakespeare in the Park is back and kicking off with the Bard's classic tale of lovers in peril. It's a crowd-pleaser.

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