An all-nude dinosaur lap danced its way into our hearts this past weekend.
An all-nude dinosaur lap danced its way into our hearts this past weekend.
Carlos Sosa

A Dallas Exotic Dancer Dressed as a Dinosaur Wins Halloween

Some strip clubs really cater to every type of fetish. If yours fall on the old-timey side, like the really old, prehistoric-timey side of vintage bestiality, then you missed quite the show at Bucks Cabaret in Dallas this past weekend, when a video straight from Ross Geller's fantasies went viral after it landed online.

Carlos Sosa, who manages the strip club, shared a video of the club's stage on his Facebook page this past Friday, showing a dancer in an inflatable dinosaur costume and sky-high stilettos, climbing up and spinning down and around a pole and twerking her tail up and down, ALL to the tune of a Jurassic Park theme song remix.

The short clip, which was filmed by Sosa during the club's Halloween party, now has 1.5 million views.

"We throw monthly parties as a way to get our staff and guests to unwind and break out of our everyday uniforms," Sosa says. "I believe this is the first time the entertainer decided to put the costume on and get onstage. It was a great idea — instantly the crowd loved it."

Sosa declined to give us the dancer's name, even the fake one, thereby forcing us to come up with names of our own: T&A-Rex, Triceratopless... Ugh, we know. Either way, here's to you, exotic dancing dinosaur, for winning Halloween.

Watch the video below. (WARNING: You'll never look at Jurassic Park the same way again.)

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