At Yesterday's PhotoVelo, Bicyclists Found (and Licked) Dallas' Best Landmarks

It's easy to hate on Dallas. You look outside, see only concrete construction and think "Man, where's all the cool stuff?"

Well, yesterday cool stuff happened. Cyclosomatic is currently in effect, and that means one entire month of completely great events, created solely for your two-wheel pleasure. You don't need to be an athlete, know people or have designer jorts to participate: You've just got to leave your home, preferably with a bike.

Organized by Bike Friendly Oak Cliff, a project handled lovingly by extremely busy humans, Cyclosomatic includes a Bonnie and Clyde ride next Sunday, a cocktail party at the Nasher, a journey through Aurora, brewery tours and even a bike-in movie and barbeque. Also, everyone's extremely nice, so go make friends.

Yesterday BFOC held its fifth ever PhotoVelo -- an all-bicycle scavenger hunt -- that sent local crews darting across downtown, the Arts District, the Cedars and a few other haunts to snap pics from a daunting list of dares. Gaining entry to the giant Coors waterfall atop Goat Hill flummoxed many, but other tasks were a little easier, like lifting a leg on the painted murals of the Deep Ellum Dog Park, licking a giant eyeball, finding a pig smoking a joint and making out with a Willie Nelson album.

Seven teams participated in the totally free event, which rewarded the speediest and most inventive with prizes. (Gift certificates to Lee Harvey's, growlers from Craft and Growler... and even a few gifts from us over here at Mixmaster.) We collected a few photos of their photos so that you'd know what you missed. Stay in touch to learn more about these great events at Bike Friendly Oak Cliff's site and Facebook page.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.


Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.