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The Best Things To Do In Dallas, Feb. 23-March 1

Latonia Moore and Kirstin Chavez in the Dallas Opera's Madame Butterfly
Latonia Moore and Kirstin Chavez in the Dallas Opera's Madame Butterfly Scott Suchman

Wednesday, Feb. 23

The Ten Tenors at the Eisemann Center
Love songs and romance aren’t just for Valentine’s Day. The Ten Tenors bring their latest show, Love Is in the Air, to the Eisemann Center (2351 Performance Drive, Richardson) for a 7:30 p.m. performance Wednesday, Feb. 23. The Australian vocal group is serving a selection of the loveliest tunes, from favorite first dance songs to songs that simply warm the heart. Tickets are $48-$65, available online.

She Believes Cup at Toyota Stadium
If you haven’t gotten your fill of cheering and chanting “U.S.A.,” you have another chance as U.S. Soccer hosts the SheBelieves Cup, closing Wednesday, Feb. 23, at Toyota Stadium in Frisco, as part of their continued efforts to encourage and inspire girls and women in sports. The final doubleheader showcases all four teams: U.S., Czech Republic, Iceland and New Zealand. Tickets for U.S.A. versus Iceland are available via the US Soccer site. For more on the SheBelieves Cup, check it out online.
click to enlarge The Ten Tenors bring love to Richardson - DYLAN EVANS
The Ten Tenors bring love to Richardson
Dylan Evans

Thursday, Feb. 24

Prom Closet 2022 at St. Andrew United Methodist Church
Love it or hate it, prom should be accessible for any teen who chooses to endure the rite of passage. That’s why the annual Prom Closet at St. Andrew United Methodist Church (5801 W. Plano Parkway, Plano) is so essential and so cool. Shopping, available by appointment only, is open to those in need of dresses in the area and even the state. Prom attire and accessories are provided free to shoppers so they can find their dream look for the big event. Don’t need a dress, but want to donate? Gently pre-loved formals, shoes and jewelry are accepted daily in Room 121 (check the site for specific hours and directions). There’s also a Prom Closet wish list if your own satin has lost its sheen. The Prom Closet is open through Saturday, Feb. 26.

DSO Celebrates WRR Classical 101.1 FM Centennial at the Meyerson Symphony Center
One hundred years is a long time, a celebration-worthy amount of time, especially for a city-owned business that is the second longest-running, currently operating radio station in the country. Oh, WRR 101.1 FM, how we love you. The first licensed Texas broadcast station, which began in public safety and now brightens the airwaves with classical music, is also beloved by many of our cultural organizations, so it makes sense that the Dallas Symphony Orchestra is celebrating this milestone with a performance of Brahms’ "Symphony No. 2" at 7:30 pm. Thursday, Feb. 24, at the Meyerson Symphony Center (2301 Flora St.). For more information, visit the DSO online.

Friday, Feb. 25

click to enlarge Delilah Buitrón Arrebola and Marti Etheridge star in Marigold at Ochre House Theater - JUSTIN LOCKLEAR, COURTESY OF OCHRE HOUSE THEATER
Delilah Buitrón Arrebola and Marti Etheridge star in Marigold at Ochre House Theater
Justin Locklear, courtesy of Ochre House Theater
Marigold at Ochre House Theater
Live theater is back in Expo Park. Ochre House Theater is celebrating with a series of one-act plays titled "In the Garden." Marigold, starring Delilah Buitrón Arrebola and Marti Etheridge, is the first of the series with final performances Wednesday through Saturday. Two friends meet to mourn the loss of their departed third mate, and maybe a bit of their own bond as well. Relationships, friendships ... they have blooming seasons sort of like flowers. Tickets ($15) are available online, and proof of vaccine or 24-hour negative COVID-19 test required for attendance.

Tig Notaro at The Majestic
Probably-not-at-all-shocking statement: We’re big fans of Tig Notaro. Stand-up comic, musician, advocate, wildly underrated actor, and (this is possibly a bit of trivia) expert in plant-based nutrition. That last part is especially interesting because if there were someone who could talk us into veganism, it’s a comic with a history of absolute truth on stage. There’s no campaigning. If Tig Notaro called us up tomorrow and said, “You know, I really think you should try this. And not just for Lent this time, asshole,” there would be a meltdown and then a grocery list. But all that’s not important because Notaro is bringing new tour Hello Again to the Majestic Theatre (1925 Elm St.) 7 p.m. Friday, Feb. 25. Tickets start at $39.50 (available online), and as expected, Notaro is very serious about COVID-19 precautions and recommends to check the TigNation site before the show.

Saturday, Feb. 26

click to enlarge Brian Finke's 30x30 "Untitled (Cheerleading #81)," 2002 - COURTESY BRIAN FINKE
Brian Finke's 30x30 "Untitled (Cheerleading #81)," 2002
courtesy Brian Finke
Brian Finke: American Pictures at Kirk Hopper Fine Art
This Saturday, Feb. 26, Kirk Hopper Fine Art (1426 N. Riverfront Blvd.) celebrates the opening of Brian Finke’s first major exhibition in Dallas. American Pictures includes around 60 images that cover a range of American obsessions: football, guns, girls, fashion and more. Finke’s boundary-pushing, high-contrast aesthetic is inspiring and aggressive, and has been for decades. The opening reception is from 6 to 8 p.m. Saturday, with Finke in attendance. The show continues through March 26. Visit Kirk Hopper Fine Art online.

Madame Butterfly at Winspear Opera House
If you have a penchant for tragedy, opera is always a great bet. If your lane is romantic tragedy, Giacomo Puccini’s Madame Butterfly is for you. It’s passionate, it’s gorgeous and it’s incredibly freaking sad. But it contains stunning music. And with Latonia Moore as lead Cio-Cio-San, the Dallas Opera is offering a don’t-miss experience at the Winspear (2403 Flora St.) at 7:30 Wednesday, Feb. 23, and Saturday, Feb. 26. Tickets start at $15, available online.

click to enlarge Oleta Adams jazzes up the Meyerson on Saturday - TON VAN KOOTEN PHOTOGRAPHY
Oleta Adams jazzes up the Meyerson on Saturday
Ton van Kooten Photography
Oleta Adams at the Meyerson Symphony Center
The Dallas Symphony Orchestra this month is welcoming stunning vocalist Oleta Adams 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 26, as part of its Jazz Series. That really should be all we need to say to get you to go online, buy tickets, which start at $25, and then on to the Meyerson. But if you need a little more prodding, Adams is an unforgettable talent, with almost 10 albums spanning gospel and secular, and some of the best Christmas music out there. She can do jazz, rock and pop. Oh, and she’s that element that no doubt propelled Tears For Fear’s single “Woman in Chains” to the top of the charts. If you love her, go. If you don’t know her, you need to.

Sunday, Feb. 27

Cowtown Marathon & Half Marathon at Will Rogers Memorial Center
Without getting too far into the details (which are all online), this is the basic need-to-know about the Cowtown Marathon: It’s at the Will Rogers Memorial Center (3401 W. Lancaster Ave., Fort Worth) and all the stuff that involves a K (5, 10, etc.) is Saturday; the long-form cheering will be needed for half, full or ultra marathon on Sunday. The last day to register for the Cowtown is Friday, Feb. 25. Otherwise, get online now to know your traffic blocks and find your cheering options. Get snacks and sign-makings early. You’ve been warned, Fort Worth.

Mardi Gras Oak Cliff Parade
If it’s a holiday and there can be a party, a parade or both, Oak Cliff can be counted on for a turnout. This time, Go Oak Cliff is celebrating Mardi Gras with a parade starting 4 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 27. It starts along Davis St. from just near Nova (1417 W. Davis St.) and the Kessler Theater (1230 W. Davis St.) and into Bishop Arts. Parking is limited on side streets, but the Facebook event page has good ideas as well. Costumes and people-watching are always impressive … and encouraged. RSVP on Facebook or visit Go Oak Cliff online to learn more about the organization.
click to enlarge Wander half a million spring blooms at the Dallas Arboretum through April 10 - COURTESY OF DALLAS ARBORETUM
Wander half a million spring blooms at the Dallas Arboretum through April 10
courtesy of Dallas Arboretum

Monday, Feb. 28

Dallas Blooms at the Dallas Arboretum
It’s the prettiest time of the year at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. Dallas Blooms has begun. Now, there will be individual events to feature and we’ll get to those in the weeks until April 10, but right now we just have to shine a light on the gorgeousness, so at your first opportunity, you get into those 66 acres to see the 500,000 bulbs waiting to glow up at you (and that’s not even the total number of flowers — that’s just the tulips, daffodils, Dutch irises and hyacinths) while 125 cherry trees blossom above you. And have a chat with four peacock topiaries. They’re waiting. So are tickets, available to book by arrival time online.

Tuesday, Mar. 1

Christine Pride and Jo Piazza at Dallas Museum of Art
Veteran writer and editor Christine Pride and award-winning journalist, editor and podcast host Jo Piazza have been topping reading lists and book clubs with their novel We Are Not Like Them. Now the co-authors are bringing to the Dallas Museum of Art (1717 N. Harwood St.) for discussion the story of two lifelong friends, one Black and one white, and a tragedy that changes them (and has changed our country). This live event is $30 for the public, $25 members, $10 students — all available online. Virtual attendance is also an option.
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