10 Local Gifts to Buy This Holiday Season
courtesy GLAMboxes

10 Local Gifts to Buy This Holiday Season

It’s official. Starbucks unleashed its holiday cups at the start of this month. That means it’s time to start holiday shopping. With Small Business Saturday coming up after Thanksgiving, we’ve gathered a list of local companies and their best-selling products. Shopping local often makes that special someone’s special gift a little more memorable.

Created by the local company GLAMboxes, GLAMboard (pictured at top) is the go-to gift for the person who loves makeup and beauty supplies. It’s an expandable beauty board that solves the problem of little to no counter space for skincare and makeup routines. It's ideal for bathrooms with pedestal sinks. Neiman Marcus just picked up the product, and it's available online and in stores for the holiday season.

10 Local Gifts to Buy This Holiday Season
courtesy GAIA Empowered Women

GAIA Empowered Women
If you’re looking for a gift with an authentic purpose behind it, check out GAIA. The GAIA brand has bags, accessories and jewelry, all handcrafted by female refugee artisans who've resettled in Dallas. Materials used are sustainable and vintage, and the women are empowered through employment, encouragement and immersion in the local community. Through a living wage, training and development, the goal is to lead the women to financial independence. The hottest items for holiday are the earrings and text pouches. You can snag these items online or in stores at Cabana, Madre Wisteria or Madison in Highland Park Village.

10 Local Gifts to Buy This Holiday Season
courtesy Kristin Miller Jewelry

Kristin Miller Jewelry
Birthstone necklaces have been tried and true gifts throughout the years. Taking a refreshed spin on birthstones, local designer Kristin Miller creates custom-made pendants that can be hand-engraved. The necklaces are the most popular, but she creates earrings, bracelets and rings, too. There’s something extra personal about having something custom made. These locally made-to-order items are available online only.

10 Local Gifts to Buy This Holiday SeasonEXPAND
courtesy Parker & Hyde

Parker & Hyde
In true Texas fashion, give the gift that’s made out of cowhide. Husband and wife Zack and Lauren McLarnon create handbags, clutches, jewelry, rugs and furniture with a Big D nod to their roots. One of the most popular gift items is the clutch made out of various options of colorful cowhide. Some even tote sparkly accents, perfect for the holiday season. Purchase online or visit the website for a list of retailers.

10 Local Gifts to Buy This Holiday Season
courtesy Ben Milam Whiskey

Ben Milam Whiskey
Ben Milam single-barrel bourbon and 80 proof Ben Milam rye are local sipping whiskeys sure to please any whiskey fan. The product is named after Texas freedom fighter Benjamin Rush Milam, so everything about this spirit is dripping with Texas pride. Perhaps you can pair the beverage with a trip to Blanco, home of the product’s distillery.

10 Local Gifts to Buy This Holiday Season
Will Graham Photography

Whiskey Wedge
Speaking of whiskey, one needs the perfect pairing to accompany the drink. Local designer Ryan Bricker remedied every whiskey lover’s greatest dilemma: watered-down spirits. The Whiskey Wedge comes with a glass and silicone wedge mold. Place the wedge-shape mold into a glass, add water, and freeze. You’re left with ice formed into the perfect wedge, allowing it to melt slower. The product was created two years ago and is under the Corkcicle umbrella. Local retailers include Deno’s of Highland Park, For Heaven’s Sake, Forget Me Not, Knox Street Market, Craft and Growler, Texas Scottish Right Hospital, Gypsy Wagon and Central Market.

10 Local Gifts to Buy This Holiday Season
Will Graham Photography

Cigar Glass
From the same genius behind the Whiskey Wedge comes the Cigar Glass, also a Corkcicle product. Think of this gift as part rocks glass, part cigar rest, allowing you to hold your drink and cigar in the same hand. And to top off the pure practicality of this gift, it can be personalized with a single initial. To snag this glass and stash it under the tree this year, visit Corkcicle’s website.

10 Local Gifts to Buy This Holiday Season
courtesy House of Jack

House of Jack Co.
Combining graphic elements into guys' premium leather wallets is House of Jack Co.’s specialty. Each item is made by hand, so no two are identical. Although the wallets are the company's bread and butter, its men’s travel kits, available in canvas or leather, are a hit for the holidays. A leather ID tag can be made, too, to make the gift more personal. To purchase products from this local company, visit its website.

10 Local Gifts to Buy This Holiday Season
courtesy Baldo's Dessert Bar

One of Dallas’ newest local businesses is Baldo’s, which has sweet ice cream concoctions of seasonal flavors. You can order by the pint, or you can do something really out of the box. The team at Baldo’s will deliver its traveling ice cream cart for the ultimate customer service experience. Surprise someone at work with an ice cream cart or perhaps delight a holiday party. To order individual flavors or set up the ice cream cart, email info@BaldosDessertBar.com or call 972-702-6164.

10 Local Gifts to Buy This Holiday Season
courtesy Bullzerk

A T-shirt is perfect for the no-fuss person, and Bullzerk T-shirts spew Dallas pride. Most of them teeter on the line of inappropriate, and some jump straight over that line. “Y’all Can Kiss My Dallas” is one of the popular sassy sayings; others, such as the "Dallas Fancy as F**K" threads, are a little more in your face. And let’s not forget the “I’m so Forney” option. Bullzerk has a Dallas Farmers Market location and a shop at 1909 Greenville Ave.

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