DFW Comedians React to McKinney Pool Party Incident on Twitter

Over the weekend, the great progressive suburb of McKinney barrel rolled into the the national conscience. A video showing footage of the McKinney Police Department's response to a disturbance at a teenage pool party went viral, viewed by millions within a few hours. Emotions ran high on social media. But as the story unfolded, Dallas comedians were also on Twitter offering social criticism and much needed comic relief.

People from other cities asked Dallas residents about McKinney.

Some of us wondered why cops were called to a teenage pool party.

It was shocking to see the way a cop "temporarily detained" a 15-year-old girl before waving a gun at some boys.

But Cpl. Eric Casebolt had made it clear that he didn't want to have to run.

Some people actually said the girl deserved what she got.

Some of us were conflicted.

Some of us were hopeful about the future.

But after police brutality at a teenage pool party, some of us wondered what's next.

There was a response from McKinney's mayor.

And there were some surprising responses from McKinney residents.

There were people all over the world contacting McKinney to share their thoughts.

Some worried about riots.

Many of us saw the video on Sunday, which is normally a day of relaxation for many.

The McKinney police chief held a press conversation, but didn't have much information.

Cpl. Eric Casebolt was eventually taken off duty.

And then he resigned.

Some of us wondered what to tell our children.

And some of us imagined a better world.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.