Duck Dynasty Star Teams Up With Dallas-Based Rain Boot Company Because Love

Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty and Dancing With the Stars fame is here to make everything a little bit brighter. To make the sun shine a little bit more often. To direct God's smile at you and your loved ones.

OK, we’re sorry for that, but you need to know that she’s teaming up with the Dallas-based rain boots company, Roma Boots, by creating her own line of rain boots. Roma Boots — that’s amor spelled backward and amor means love, keep up — is a lot like those Toms shoes because when you buy a pair, another pair goes to a child in poverty. But instead of cloth shoes that fall apart after one day spent outdoors, Roma Boots gives rain boots because, you know, mud and stuff.

Robertson is involved because America loves reality TV show daughters. It’s a fact. First, there was Kelly Osbourne and then Kendall Jenner and now, finally, Robertson. They all start out as just daughters of rock stars and athletes and duck hunters and then they blossom into full-blown cash machines themselves. And it probably doesn’t hurt that the Robertsons stand for love (straight love) and happiness and wearing rain boots when hunting ducks, probably, we’re assuming.

Robertson’s collection of Roma Boots is called “Live Original” and you can pre-order them now. Her line includes rain boots with flowers and bright colors and shoelaces! But if online purchasing scares you, Roma Boots can also be found in more than 300 boutiques and stores nationwide (including a Roma Boots store in the Shops at Park Lane) and also in the U.K., Germany, Japan and South Korea.

Samuel Bistrian, founder of Roma Boots who attended Dallas Baptist University, grew up in communist Romania. Because of his impoverished upbringing, Roma Boots gives back. The company has donated thousands of rain boots and 10 percent of all Roma Boots sales go toward cultural and educational initiatives, according to a news release.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.