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Epic Waters’ Wave Pool Will Start Making Some Epic Waves This Weekend

The FlowRider U.S. Flow Tour will hold a qualifying competition at Grand Prairie's Epic Waters water park in early June to win a shot at the 2019 World Flowboard Championship.
The FlowRider U.S. Flow Tour will hold a qualifying competition at Grand Prairie's Epic Waters water park in early June to win a shot at the 2019 World Flowboard Championship. Roderick Pullum
The last thing you probably want to hear about now is of any aquatic activities, with all the rain and severe thunderstorm and flood warnings that keep ruining our evenings. It's like asking someone who just walked two miles in a blinding snowstorm if they can turn down the temperature on the AC unit.

Just trust us on this: When the summer delivers punishing heat waves, you'll be thanking us for bestowing upon you the news about the latest addition to Grand Prairie's indoor water park complex.

The Epic Waves outdoor wave pool will open Saturday following its official grand opening next to the Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark and The Epic recreation facility in Grand Prairie.

You'll be able to brace some massive waves without going to the nearest ocean coastline and risking some kind of horrible staph infection. The new 10,000-square-foot wave pool can produce periodic wave surges as high as 4 feet. Guests can brave the waves of the pool with an inner tube or a life jacket provided for free by the park for every visitors' stay, according to Epic Waters.

Non-swimmers are covered too and don't worry. We're not talking about having to wear plus-sized versions of those upper-arm floaties that scream at the world "Water can defeat me!" If swimming out of the way of high waves isn't your thing and you'd rather just enjoy things beachside, the wave pool also has more special amenities, including private cabanas and shaded chaise lounge chairs along the pool's deck.

The door wave pool will open on Saturday and remain open through the Labor Day weekend in September.

"Every day we wake up with the goal of providing a world-class, epic experience that stands apart from anything else that's available in Texas and keeps our guests coming back for more," says American Resort Management's principal of water parks operator Richard Coleman, who oversees the Epic Waters park. "Introducing a new attraction on the scale of Epic Waves during our second year of operations is sure to delight our current base of fans and attract new ones."

Another addition to the park will also give visitors who don't feel like changing into their swimsuit the opportunity to enjoy some of the facility's drier amenities. The company announced a new "wet-dry" ticket that provides day-long access to The Epic, the sister property that offers fitness amenities, including a Crossfit 2960 facilities and a massage therapy center and live shows and entertainment in its concert venue The Epic Theater.

The water park also announced that its FlowRider surfing simulator will host a pro-surfing event from June 6-8 called FlowaPalooza. The park will host a qualifying competition for the 2019 World Flowboard Championship and feature live performances by and lessons with professional flowboarders on its FlowRider attraction.  
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