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Glimpse into Matt Tolentino's Jazz Age Life at the Sunday Social March 30

Matt Tolentino and Danielle Bennignus are a black and white photo brought to life. She bobs her hair, wears trousers and dances the Charleston; he wears swallow-tailed suits and trilbies. They're your friendly neighborhood hep cats, with a mid-century lifestyle decorated with boudoir dolls, 78's and pocket squares.

On March 30 from 12-4 p.m. in Heritage Village, they're throwing a Jazz Age Sunday Social, inviting Dallas to step back in time with a lawn party the likes of which Daisy Buchanan would've attended.

"We're encouraging people to dress vintage, there will be a dance floor, my band the Sinagpore Slingers will play and we'll have vendors selling everything from jewelry to ice cream," Tolentino says. "We're encouraging people to pack lunches and spend the day with us. It's just a big party."

Victrolas and parasols aren't a fly-by-night hipster trend for Tolentino and Bennignus, it's taken years to build and perfect their pre-war life.

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