Mullet-Wearing High Schooler's Slam Dunk Shatters Backboard, Stuns Ref

Player Tyler Stone helped deliver his team a win on Saturday.
Player Tyler Stone helped deliver his team a win on Saturday. Screenshot
The mighty mullet is having a moment.

On Jan. 2, a North Texas high schooler ascended to legend status after he slam-dunked a basketball so hard that it shattered the glass backboard — all while rocking a mullet. A video of the event went viral on social media and has cemented player Tyler Stone as a hometown hero for Joshua, a small town southwest of Dallas.

Following the score against Ennis, a referee throws up his hands in disbelief before high-fiving Stone. Meanwhile, the crowd absolutely loses it.

"I had to." – Tyler Stone

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Sports commentators on social media were quick to recognize Stone’s baller cred.

“Dude sporting a mullet shattering a backboard might be the most Texas high school basketball thing ever,” tweeted Barstool Sports journalist Bobby Reagan. “Also the ref just went into complete shock watching this unfold. Simply couldn't believe it.”
Overtime sports network tweeted out a video of the dunk, writing “I LOVE WHEN Y’ALL SHATTER BACKBOARDS,” to which Stone simply replied: “I had to.”
Of course, haters made sure to weigh in.

“When backboards shatter it’s almost always due to either the rim not being properly mounted or a defective backboard and not due to the force of the dunk. This video shows a garden variety dunk, with no especially greater force, resulting in a shattered backboard,” said Twitter user @Warriors17U.

OK, sure.

Whether or not the NBA comes calling, Stone has earned a spot in the mullet-holder hall of fame along with Billy Ray Cyrus, Patrick Swayze, Kenny Powers and Celeste’s own Jaxson “Hot Rod” Crossland. His impressive feat also leaves us wondering: Does the man make the mullet, or does the mullet make the man?
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