Nerding Out: Yes, There's an Opera Costume Contest on Friday at Klyde Warren Park

Carmen opens in grand fanfare at the Winspear on Friday night, kicking off another big season for the Dallas Opera. There, the city's elite will gather, gowned and adorned in feathers, furs and exotic skins you can't afford at First Night.

You'll want to see Carmen during its run: It's the ultimate tale of man's ruin and one of the most beloved works in the genre's extensive history. But that won't happen for you Friday, unless you join the Dallas Observer for a party at Klyde Warren Park, where the Dallas Opera simulcasts the production for us, the Great Unwashed.

The completely free evening begins at 6:30 p.m. with a show by Jagger, followed by the Dallas Opera and Dallas Observer's Carmen look-alike costume contest, where any Carmen is a good Carmen. Miranda? Yes, she'll a doll. What about San Diego? Uh-huh, her too. Electra? Total babe: Go for it.

The winner gets entry to the opening night's prized after-party to rub well-oiled elbows with the show's cast. Plus, watching the 8 p.m. simulcast of Carmen is free, and free is the best price around. Go here for more details.

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