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Nominations for Masterminds Close Today. There's $6,000 Available for Dallas Artists.

Artists, we know you do your best work under deadline, but don't let time stand between you and a briefcase full of bills. (Or Publisher's Clearinghouse-sized check, I haven't decided yet...)

Today, Friday, December 21, is your final chance to fill out an Observer Mastermind nomination. Winners receive no-strings-attached cash prizes. It's our way to directly fund the city's most inventive artists and arts supporters and celebrate all that you do here in Dallas.

Who are we looking for? Film makers, fashion designers, visual artists, dancers, performance artists, sculptors, installation visionaries, community organizers, video arts Jedis -- You get the picture. We want people who do, make, or build work that's sculpting our city's cultural landscape. See Also: -- Introducing Artopia 2013, the Observer's Annual Art Party, Curated by Pedro Alonzo. and -- See Last Year's Mastermind Winners

We've got $6,000 total to mess with, with individual awards ranging from $1,000 to $2,000 bucks. Our panel of judges will make the final decision, and publicly present the prizes at Artopia, our massive arts bash happening January 26 at the Dallas Contemporary. But they can't choose someone who hasn't been nominated.

If you've waited until the last minute, time is almost up. Here's how to nominate someone else or yourself: Click this link, fill in the fields then hit submit. EASY. It will only take a couple of minutes.

We look forward to learning about you, and we'll see you all on January 26th.

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Jamie Laughlin
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