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Our 16 Favorite Soapbox Derby Teams From Saturday's Red Bull Race

Red Bull chose Dallas to host its famous soapbox derby race last Saturday, leaving 67 thousand folks asking Siri where this Austin Ranch place actually is. But they found it, and crowds invaded the suburb to see forty teams compete in two categories: crowd favorite and fastest time.

Some were made by friends who wanted to tackle a project together. Others were packs of coworkers or school chums. All shared a passion for innovative building and a complete disregard for personal safety, so these teams became our heroes. We chatted with them, photographed them and cheered them through victory and complete annihilation. When the final cart skidded through the balloon-arched finish line, we wiped away nostalgic tears, then hunkered down and tallied our scores. We had photographer Mike Mezeul II on hand to gather all of these action shots, so now here's our 16 absolute favorites.

#16 Ku De Ta Ku De Ta (the secretish saltwater pool behind Three Sheets) recreated a small version of their flagship war vessel, which was parked behind them for comparison purposes. Posing in front of the racer were Ku De Ta's beautiful workforce, donning very skimpy military outfits. Next to them stood the cart's builder and driver, a fella dressed like a general. He assured us that the Ross Avenue party spot is on "a mission to overthrow Uptown." Weight: 180 pounds. Composed of: Steel and recycled parts, like freezer panels. Strength: Toughness. It will not be destroyed. Weakness: A high center of gravity

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