Pledging at Rush Week? Here Are Five Things You Need to Know.

TCU started its rush week on August 10 and many other Texas universities are about to follow suit. If you're a GDI (goddamm independent) wondering what it takes to make it into the sacred sisterhood we've rounded up a few things you need to know.

For best results, start preparing at birth Many girls are born and bred for collegiate sisterhood, and at top schools pedigree matters. M, a senior at SMU who spoke on the condition of anonymity, was lucky. "My mom and sisters are very into Greek life, and ever since I was little my mom had been telling me how to behave for rush week." If you have a sister or mother in a sorority, you are a legacy and almost guaranteed a bid into that house. If you lack a helpful female lineage, not to worry, you can always hire a consultant.

You will be vetted. High school reputations are inescapable, and sororities are like the mafia. At Texas Christian, PNMs (possible new members) must fill out an application online detailing basic info. Most sororities then catalog this information into binders, similar to Mitt Romney. To be fair, not all sororities have binders. Some have slide shows. The sorority collectively deconstructs the PNM on screen; they discuss things like her physical appearance, socioeconomic status and high school reputation. Inevitably someone in that sorority either went to high school with you or knows someone who did and that time you vomited at prom is now common knowledge. An AXO at SMU, who dropped her sorority junior year, further explained "everyone shouts out horrible shit about each girl if they don't like them."

Style matters. Each day of rush involves a different and increasingly elaborate outfit. Sorority sisters are already prepared with matching outfits and similar style dresses for each day. PNMs have the difficult task of wearing whatever "snappy casual" is. Sisters defined it as something in between church clothes and cocktail dress. Flats are not strictly forbidden but highly discouraged. David Yurman accessories, designer purses and Michael Kors' watches are essential. Careful attention must be paid because, as a recent SMU sorority graduate disclosed, "If you wear the wrong makeup, you're out. If they don't like your shoes, you're out."

So, depending on how things go, you might ...

Meet your bridesmaids Many women we interviewed for this piece explained so in verbatim terms.

or ...

Transfer A Tri-Delt at SMU said, "If you didn't get your favorite house, you consider switching schools because it's oh so embarrassing." For some women at SMU the shame is too much and they find themselves making a beeline for the skyline with a U-Haul in hopes of transferring to a new school.

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