So, This Killer Review of Ben Fountain in the NYT Got Us Thinking...

It's hard not to hate a guy who gets a review this good in The New York Times, but when it comes to Ben Fountain, you've got to cheer him on. He's down-to-earth and affable, and that's not even to mention his undeniable talent.

Fountain's first novel, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, dropped earlier this month, a long anticipated follow up to 2006's short story collection, Brief Encounters With Che Guevara. NYT reviewer Geoff Dyer calls Fountain's newest attempt "grand, intimate and joyous."

Hell, that ain't bad for an ol' boy born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

But you know what we want to see? Let's have some local folks give Ben a run for his money as Dallas' most celebrated fiction writer. You'll be hard-pressed to knock him off the pedestal, but -- as a friendly guy like Ben will surely attest -- it's lonely at the top.

Who is your favorite published/unpublished Dallas-based fiction writer, and how can we get this city on the literary map?

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