Who Got Served? Comedian Mike Epps.

Comedian Mike Epps, known for his roles in The Hangover, Friday After Next and new flick Jumping the Broom, was performing to a full house at Grand Prarie's Verizon Theater on Friday night when things got not-so-funny. A few minutes into his stand-up act a plainclothes peace officer swept across the front of the stage and threw papers at Epps' feet. He'd been served. His response? Well, it wasn't a smooth face-saving cover with an "Aw, sweetie, thank you. I love you, too!" No, it was a mix of F-bombs, motherfuckers and bitches so intense it was hard to get down word for word, so, um, just improvise with this crude outline: [Expletive] you! You can't [expletive] embarrass me! This [expletive] gonna serve me some [expletive] papers during my [expletive] show! [Expletive] you, you [expletive] [expletive]!

Black Media Scoop's report of the incident offered this um, interesting (at best) quote: "Hey where that bad built white bitch who threw these papers on the stage? I wanted to tell her she left her ass in her seat ol' flat booty bitch."

BMS also had this YouTubed bootleg capturing Epps' reaction; check it after the jump.

Editor's note: We're going to warn you, though, it's not something you actually want to watch unless your neck is permanently at a 90-degree angle to the right...oh, and unless you just love hearing verbal assaults on a woman (and hearing a portion of the crowd laugh in response). The major meltdown starts at approximately 4:10.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.