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Best New Music in Dallas, February 2018

Best New Music in Dallas, February 2018
Mikel Galicia

Six Shooter is a recurring feature in which we highlight six new releases by North Texas-based musicians.

Kacey Musgraves — “Space Cowboy”

Musgraves tempered the usually present kitschy, retro aesthetic for this new single, but “Space Cowboy” features the good ol' tongue-in-cheek, scathing lyrics we’ve come to love from the Golden, Texas, native. The track is one of two Musgraves released last week, but it’s head and shoulders above “Butterflies” because it highlights her splendid vocals. Be on the lookout for Musgraves’ new album, Golden Hour, due out March 30.

Zedd x Maren Morris — “The Middle”

Until this point, Maren Morris’ intentions of making a pop crossover have been thinly veiled, but with the release of “The Middle,” the move to mainstream superstardom is underway. With a huge assist from electronic producer Zedd, the Arlington native lends her powerful vocals to a track that has all the makings of a pop hit. The lyric video has more than 24 million views. Don’t be surprised to see an official video for this song released in time for a big summer push.

Lord Byron — “Vick”

Any mention of Lord Byron eventually leads to discussion of his lyrical prowess and abstract wordplay. But for the casual rap fan, Byron’s catalog can be a little much to get behind because of its avant-garde tendencies and nonconformity to standard rap tropes. “Vick” is both cerebral and sonically approachable for all. It’s also the lead single to Byron’s latest album, Sora, released today.

Ari Roar  “Calm Down”

For longtime local music fans, Caleb Ian Campbell’s name might ring bells from his days with The Polycorns, but these days, he’s garnering all kinds of attention as Ari Roar. He just signed to the stalwart indie label Bella Union and will release his new album, Calm Down, on May 25. Until then, Roar will make the rounds at this year’s South By Southwest in promotion of the new material.

Tay-K  “After You”

“After You” is the follow-up to Tay-K’s improbable platinum hit “The Race.” This new song continues the teenage rapper’s penchant for overtly violent and sexually explicit lyrics that for most rappers would come across as unwarranted or disingenuous. Considering Taymor McIntyre is in jail awaiting trial on capital murder charges, the song is all the more fascinating. It’s also worth mentioning that Lil Wayne released a remix of “The Race” this month.

Medasin Irene

Irene is Medasin’s first original release in almost two years. In that time, the Dallas electronic producer became a star in the genre off his stellar, reinvented remixes. Irene showcases Medasin’s personal palate of retro, warm synths; an affinity for hip-hop; and the ability to turn conventional EDM tropes on their heads.


Polystarra Polystarra EP

Charley Crockett  “I Wanna Cry”

David Morgan  “Soul Sister”

Marie/Lepanto  “Inverness”

Ty Richards “Welcome to Flat Earth”

Remy Reilly  “26”

Amore Bey  “Keep Yo Faith”

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