The Best Dallas Punk and Metal Concerts in September

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A quick glance at our comprehensive Dallas concert guide might give you the impression that this month is stuffed with some real crap, metal-wise. Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Godsmack, Seether; it's like an endless parade of nightmares that has no place in 2014. So we here at DC9 thought we'd take a quick trawl through the listings to pick out these gems, hopefully balancing out the horrible realities of sharing a city with Fred Durst.

Ticket links can be found by clicking the date and cost on each listing.

Bludded Head, Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, September 2nd

Nevada Hill's Bludded Head, building up to their new EP, are the star attraction for Rubber Gloves' renowned free week, an event which you can guess the nature of, but we'll tell you about anyway. All the concerts are free all week.

Full of Hell, Three Links, September 9th, $10

Terrifyingly young Pennsylvania hardcore/metal band Full of Hell make a visit to Dallas, and it will be chaotic.

The Sword, Mothership, Gas Monkey Bar n Grill, September 10th, $20

Gas Monkey celebrates its one-year anniversary by getting back one of the bigger coups of its first year of life, outstanding Austin retro-stoner metal band the Sword. Support comes from Dallas rock all-stars Mothership.

Gorehounds, Flametrick Subs, Three Links, September 13th, free

If you haven't seen the Gorehounds yet, you've done Dallas completely wrong. If you've been to a Gorehounds show and not had a good time, you were at the wrong show, and it wasn't the Gorehounds at all. Got it? Simple.

Pinkish Black, Three Links, September 18th, $7

Every guide to metal listings in Dallas should contain whatever show Pinkish Black are playing that month. The doom-metal duo are so perfect live by this point that it'd be a crime not to see them.

Skeletonwitch, Trees, September 19th, $15

Ohio black metal veterans Skeletonwitch are a perfect get for Trees.

Oaktopia's Saturday line-up at Hailey's, September 20th, $25 day pass, $30 weekend ticket

Oaktopia's got a lot right with its line-up, but nothing more so than the Hailey's iteration of the nascent festival, which contains Terminator 2, Hex Cult and Bukkake Moms, alongside some of the best of the rest. Good job, Oaktopia.

Sham 69, Three Links, September 24th, $12

You might have noticed Three Links is half of this list. The undercurrent there, dear reader, is that nobody is curating local metal and punk like Three Links right now. Sham 69, one of the most important British punk bands of the '70s punk revolution, have undergone about sixteen billion line-up changes. But with the chance to hear songs like "Hurry Up Harry" and "The Kids Are United," who really cares?

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