Adios, Trans-Texas Corridor. We Hardly Even Knew You.

This morning down in Austin, Texas Department of Transportation Executive Director Amadeo Saenz officially killed the Trans-Texas Corridor. And its place? Say hello to ... Innovative Connectivity in Texas|Vision 2009. Which is? Well, let Saenz explain.

Projects that had been developed under the heading of the Trans-Texas Corridor will now become a series of individual projects. For example, Loop 9 in Dallas will be known and developed as Loop 9, not the "donut" of TTC-35. Interstate 69 will be known and developed as Interstate 69, not Trans-Texas Corridor 69.

To be clear: The Trans-Texas Corridor as it was known will no longer exist.

It will, however, take some time before we can completely transition away from the name. There are lots of legal documents, studies and sections of state law that currently refer to the Trans-Texas Corridor.

Mmmm ... donuts. --Robert Wilonsky

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