Dazed and Confused, the Documentary: In '77, Cruising Forest Lane While Listening to KZEW

No one likes watching other people's home movies ... unless they're Super 8 reels from 1977, feature snatches of classic-rock mainstays ("Slow Ride," "Stranglehold," "Fool for the City," "Won't Get Fooled Again," etc.) played on KZEW and contain some 20 minutes' worth of random footage of dudes in GM muscle cars burning rubber all through Northwest Dallas, by which I mean Forest Lane back when the FedMart was still open, the Pizza Inn was still serving and the paint on the brick wall was still fresh. This was just posted to YouTube, and it's Dazed and Confused accidentally chopped and screwed for the art house. Jump, but not while you're sober. Unfair Park in a nutshell.


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