"Dirk Will Destroy Your Heart," Odd But True

A few days ago Erik Clapp, the Fort Worth-based filmmaker who maintains the Bobbie Wygant Archive, sent me the short-short you see on the other side: "Dirk Will Destroy Your Heart." 'Round the office it elicits awkward, bemused titters; figured it ever there was an appropriate time to post up a video titled "Dirk Will Destroy Your Heart," that time is now.

Also, while we're speaking in German, there's another short from Flula Borg on the other side -- not a music video this time, merely a lengthy exegesis on why the German Moses is also "the Hoover of dams" and, among many other things, like a very specific scene from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

Dirk Will Destroy Your Heart from Atombomb.tv on Vimeo.

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