Don't Fence Them In

Early this morning I was among the hundreds of fans waiting for the Dallas Mavericks' team plane when it landed a few minutes before 1 at Love Field. KTCK-AM's (1310, The Ticket) Ben and Skin post-game show issued the call for us to greet the team, and greet them we did, with everyone jumping, screaming and shaking the fence as the plane (complete with the team's logo on the tail) touched down. After a beautiful landing set against the Dallas skyline, fans waited in suspense while the Mavs stood amongst their cars a few hundred yards away. Finally a lone European sports car pulled forward and honked its horn. When the door opened, Mark Cuban stepped out to cheers, and moments later the team followed on foot, walking together in a line like something out of Ocean's 11 or Reservoir Dogs.

Fans raced for spots along the fence, and our heroes slapped our hands while we chanted "Let's Go Mavs!" and "MVP!" Then Cuban did doughnuts on the Tarmac before leading a procession of expensive cars through the gate. (It was hard to see makes and models in the chaos, but I do remember Dirk's head sticking out of the sunroof of a surprisingly small Miata-sized sports car.) I've bought Cowboys Super Bowl T-shirts in questionable roadside stands on Garland Road, seen Brett Hull lead the 1999 Dallas Stars to a thrilling Stanley Cup victory in triple overtime and cheered my beloved Texas Longhorns to a championship win in the greatest Rose Bowl ever, but this tops them all. And it's not even over yet--so bring on the Suns, and I'll see you on the fence. --Noah Bailey

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