Get Your Glee Finale On, Because Some Stations Didn't Air Network Programming Last Night

Fine -- make fun all you want. But I didn't get to see my Glee last night courtesy you-know-what. Not that I would have been able to enjoy it, what with the sound of hailstones ricocheting off the roof and the sirens turned up to 11. It was the season finale too -- nationals in New York. So it's on the other side.

I know, It was probably disappointing. This season's been especially hit-and-miss. And last week's should have been the closer anyhow -- hard to top a Jane Lynch episode capped with a funeral scored to "Pure Imagination." No, seriously. Damn it, stop laughing. Fine. But whatever you do, don't tell me what happened. Also on the other side, The Voice. Didn't get to see all of that either. I know, I'm a mess. But I did stay up past 1 watching the Rangers lose. Wait, what's that you say? Hines Ward won Dancing With the Stars? Well, that I knew.

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