Dallas designer Marion Lee

Meet Marion Lee, Dallas' First Project

Last week we broke the news, such as it is, that Dallas will, for the first time, have a designer on the very haute Project Runway, which starts its stride on Bravo on November 14. We've since learned a little more about 39-year-old Marion Lee -- like, oh, his father died when he was a child, he's got three dogs and he's a Libra? That juicy morsel's courtesy his video interview, but there's also this bio available on the Project Runway homepage, in which Lee reveals he was born and raised in Tyler and graduated from the Parsons School of Design in New York.

After graduating, Marion returned to Texas and took a job as visual director of Stanley Korshak and it was there he started producing custom work for the retailer as well as producing his own line...

Marion has recently opened a retail store in Dallas and he refers to his shop as an oversized curiosity cabinet, with a mad sense of whimsy. This is also the site of his new fashion and art laboratory.

Um, so, does anyone know which store this is? Because it sounds awesome, as we are well known for our mad sense of whimsy. Ask anyone. --Robert Wilonsky

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