If you are in this picture or know somebody who is, then this Summer of '86 shindig is all about you.

Meetcha at the Blue Ramp

Scary to think that anybody could be all that nostalgic about 1986 (Challenger, Iran-Contra, Dennis Miller), but for the guys behind the upcoming Summer of '86 Dallas Punk Reunion, nostalgia capped off by the 20-year mark more than overpowers the bad stuff. The city already had another big local music throwback a few weeks ago at the Loco Gringos celebration, but this one aims to collect a bigger net of old-guard Dallasites:

"If you remember the Twilite Room/Theater Gallery rivalry, long hot days at the Ramp at Bachman Lake, Zorlac, Whip N Dip, nickle beer nights at Winedales, Assassins on Greenville, Stare Hard on KNON, On the Air giving way to the Video Bar, the Old Clearview, The Zines-Dallas Wake Up, Bad Karma, La Verdad, Dentown Skates and the end of the 18 and up drinking age, we want you."

The show, whose lineup is so far unannounced, is little more than a month away--August 19 at the Double Wide--but the organizers are on a mad hunt for a massive group of old-timers. The organizers can use all the help they can get in their search (who knows where the fuck "Oi Girl Dawn" is these days, right?), so if you're partial to the cause, grab your board and spread the word. --Sam Machkovech

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