Juan Gonzalez was on steroids when he was in Texas in 2002? No! Say it ain't so, Joe! Ahem.

Tom Hicks is Always Willing to Bring Up Bad Memories Too

Eleven days ago, Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks went on KTVT-Channel 11 and said Juan Gonzalez used steroids during his tenure with the team. Actually this is precisely what he said: "Juan Gonzalez for $24 million after he came off steroids, probably, we just gave that money away." That comment, made to Babe Laufenberg, stirred little local reaction; it wasn't till June 17 that Jim Reeves at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram made mention of Hicks' allegations concerning Juando's abbreviated stint with the team during his failed 2002-'03 comeback, during which he played in only 152 of 324 games.

But, better late than never, that one sentence has turned into a full story courtesy the Associated Press, which yesterday asked Hicks to clarify his statement to Laufenberg. And this is what Hicks said via e-mail:

"I have no knowledge that Juan used steroids. His number of injuries and early retirement just makes me suspicious. In any event, we paid him $24 million for very few games."

Gonzalez's amazingly named agent, Al Nero, won't respond. Why? Because he damns Hicks' comments as "so irresponsible." Unlike, say, doing steroids. --Robert Wilonsky

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