News about HKS' being in the running to build a spaceport in New Mexico gives us a reason to run this picture, which is why blogs were started in the first place.

Wednesday P.M. Throat-Clearing

Well, it's about time: Texas Monthly editor Evan Smith has started a new blog: State of Mine. Actual Texans, feel free to take offense. I kid, Evan, because I love. It's one of three new Monthly blogs...

If you're wondering where the most man-crushed-upon Texas Ranger of them all has gone, wonder no further: Rusty Greer is currently coaching the Colleyville LoneStars of the Texas Collegiate League. Says Rusty, it's more fun to coach the kids -- "but that's not to say if someone offered me a big league job I wouldn't take it." Tom Hicks, you must have the number...

And though it doesn't say so here, trust me on this one: HKS, Inc. -- the big-effin'-deal architectural firm on McKinney Ave. responsible for the American Airlines Center, the new Cowboys stadium and every other building in town, damn near -- is one of the three finalists in the running to build Spaceport America in New Mexico. Because, like, space is the final frontier or something? --Robert Wilonsky

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