10 Best Dallas Sandwich Shops

For this year's Best of Dallas awards, I turned to Bolsa Mercado for their reliably delicious creations. Good things happen when pastrami, turkey and other deli meats are cooked in house, and the Mercado has become a great place to chill out and enjoy a solid lunch. Of course, great sandwiches abound in Dallas, where you can find plenty of places to get a solid sammie. Here are 10 of the best.

1. Bolsa Mercado (pictured above)
Bolsa Mercado has become a second office for some Dallasites as coffee shops like Davis Street Espresso shun WiFi, but the best reason for setting up shop at Bolsa Mercado is lunch. Don't miss the pastrami sandwich pictured above, or the smoked turkey served on a chewy ciabatta roll.

2. Uncle Uber's
With late hours and a menu filled with over-the-top creations, this Deep Ellum sandwich shop is a great place to find yourself when hunger strikes. The fried chicken sandwich pictured above is a winner, but don't miss the Cuban, either.

3. Jimmy's
The flock of customers leaving this East Dallas grocery with paper-wrapped bundles tucked under their arms is a testament to the sandwich giant that is Jimmy's. Come here for sandwiches built with some old-school cool.

4. Unleavened
This Lakewood newcomer brings the un-sandwich to this sandwich list. These wraps may not make use of bread, but they're packed with ingredients that would make any other sandwich jealous. Don't miss the chicken salad pictured above, or the Havana filled with delicious pulled pork.

5. East Hampton Sandwich Co.
With a new location on Oak Lawn Avenue, East Hampton Sandwich Co. continues to conquer the area with delicious sandwiches and crunchy house-fried potato chips. If the chicken sandwich pictured above isn't your thing, try the short rib bound in glorious, string-pulling, melted cheese. They also have one of the best lobster rolls in Dallas.

6. Vertskebap
This Austin-based chain brings vertically roasted meats and freshly baked breads together for a perfect sandwich match. With four locations in the Dallas-area, a freshly made kebap is almost always in reach.

7. C Senor
Without a doubt the best Cuban sandwich is served out of this tiny takeout restaurant in the Bishop Arts District. The roast pork is full of rich and fatty flavors that really make those pickles pop. Don't miss the yucca fries, which are also excellent examples of the art form. The outsides are crisp, and a bite reveals soft, airy yucca in the center.

8. Carbone's
The Italian combo served at Carbone's is one of Dallas' greatest sandwiches. The bread is tough and chewy and the deli meats tucked inside are some of the best cuts available. Buy two and let the second one sit in your refrigerator for a few hours — there's something special about a day-old hoagie.
9. Southpaw's Organic
If you're hungry but you don't want to weigh your afternoon down with melted cheese and fat, check out Southpaws for a lighter sandwich. The tunita packs a simple tuna salad into a wrap with pickles and black olive slices, and sandwiches are served with a garnish of fruit.
10.Truck Yard
This is a cheesesteak that speaks for itself. With meat freshly sliced from a rib roast, soft bread, grilled onions and a hot cheese food infusion, the sandwiches served at Truck Yard are a necessity for any sandwich list.

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