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A McKinney Mom and Son Have a New Way to Protect Your Open Wine Bottle: Wine Condoms

I promised myself that 2014 would be the year I refrained from writing about Kickstarter campaigns. After watching too many potential business owners and restaurateurs grovel for money, I'd decided they all should just go the bank for a loan or leverage their credit cards to the hilt like the rest of us.

So I ignored the first email I received about McKinney resident Mitchell Strahan's Kickstarter page, just over a week ago. The budding entrepreneur should find investors if he wanted to raise capital for his business, I reasoned -- that's the American way. But Strahan's invention wouldn't go away. His Kickstarter eventually appeared on Daily Dish and the LA Times food blog, and if the attention keeps up he'll likely meet his goal.

My hand is forced at this point. It's time to talk about wine condoms.

First, put aside the possibly unsettling fact that Strahan invented the oenological prophylactics with his mother. A wine condom is "a rubber gadget gizmo sent down from the heavens to protect wine," according to its creator. The small piece of rubber is rolled down the neck of the bottle creating a seal that helps preserve any wine that isn't immediately consumed. Unlike people condoms, wine condoms can be used once or twice before they should be discarded.

Strahan is just $2,000 dollars away from his $7,500 goal. According to his Kickstarter page he blew his allowance on a bulk order of the condoms so he's using the money to buy packaging materials. While the pricing is still up in the air Strahan's got his schtick down."Use proper protection," he says. "Use wine condoms."

Editor's disclaimer: Please note that wine condoms aren't foolproof and only provide "safer" wine storage. The only way to guarantee your wine won't turn to vinegar on your counter or in your refrigerator is to not drink wine at all.

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