Soon this will be your gateway to Salsa. (And coffee, too.)
Soon this will be your gateway to Salsa. (And coffee, too.)

Café Salsera Will Bring Chips, Salsa and That Other Kind of Salsa to Deep Ellum

My one and only experience with salsa was a traumatic one: I was on a date with a woman who wanted to take lessons at a bar in Washington D.C. They got us drunk and guided us through a progressively difficult set of dance maneuvers. I could handle the basic step, but when I added any spins, turns or even arm movements, my feet revolted. The adventure ended with a Latin dude as tall as Dirk doing things to my date I didn't know were possible.

I fucking hate salsa. Unless it's on a chip.

I bring this up, reluctantly and with shame, because there will be an opportunity for me to relive the experience at Café Salsera when it opens this spring, in the vacant space next to the 7-Eleven in Deep Ellum. When the work is done, Café Salsera will serve primarily as a café and restaurant. Across breakfast, lunch and dinner, customers will be able to enjoy Spanish meatballs, fried yucca, roasted meats, dumplings, plantains and other dishes.

The place is likely to be gorgeous. B. Russo Designs, the firm behind Stock and Barrell's flawless dining room, is designing the space.

And, of course, there will be dancing. To elevate my anxiety, a 28-foot stage will also be used as a raised seating area, or as a platform for dancers and bands on select nights swinging to salsa, bachata, Argentine tango and merengue. I have no idea how any of those dances work, so, if you're there, I'll be the guy in the corner sprinkling my rice and beans with Xanax.

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