Cheesecake Royale is a Hidden, Nutella-Filled Dallas Gem

You want Le Royale with cheese, go to Paris. You want Cheesecake Royale, go to Little Forest Hills. Groovy little places (Good Pagoda, Hypnotic Donuts) are popping up all over the decayed charm that is Garland Road, but this family-owned bakery has been in business since before it was trendy. For the uninitiated, it’s time to get acquainted — no one is going to hate you for bringing one of these specialty treats to your next holiday gathering.

With more than 20 kinds of cheesecake (including extraordinary flavors like Nutella, salted caramel and spumoni), choosing one is not an easy task. Solution: Order their biggest-seller, the cheesecake sampler. This way, you'll get a taste of chocolate swirl, Black Forest, raspberry, strawberry, white chocolate, Key lime, Amaretto and New York plain without all of that pesky commitment. The standouts: chocolate swirl, with its crunchy chocolate shortbread crust, and the tart, jammy raspberry cheesecake.

Cheesecake, however, is not the only temptation being served here. Their rocky road brownies, tiramisu and three-layer cakes are equally deserving of praise. This time of year, you'll also find festive treats like Hanukkah-colored cake balls and holly-adorned red velvet mini bundt cakes.

Calling ahead will ensure your top pick is set aside for you, but if you lack the required adulting skills, just drop in. Most flavors are typically kept on-hand, and a limited selection of cakes and cheesecakes are also sold by the slice. Get more than just a slice, though. Failing to do so would be a mistake royale.

Cheesecake Royale, 9020 Garland Road
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Kellie Reynolds
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