TikTok Cocktail Trends We Want to Try – And Some We Don’t

An Old Fashioned at Elm and Good; maybe leave it to the experts.
An Old Fashioned at Elm and Good; maybe leave it to the experts. Lauren Drewes Daniels
For those who like to introduce pre-game holiday parties with warm-up parties, there are plenty of drinks trending on TikTok for your at-home cocktail soiree. Some of the ideas may woo your guests, while others will guarantee they'll never come back.

Negroni Sbagliato

The Negroni Sbagliato with prosecco is taking over TikTok as the newest drink craze on the app. The cocktail got attention after House of Dragons star Emma D’arcy shared with HBO that it's her favorite drink. The video clip sparked attention perhaps because of D’arcy’s pregnant pauses between each word of the drink, or a fascination with the word “sbagliato,” which is Italian for “bungled.” The drink is a “bungled” version of a Negroni because it replaces gin in a classic Negroni with prosecco.

A Negroni Sbagliato contains equal parts of Campari, sweet vermouth and prosecco. Campari is a red, Italian liqueur that has a bitter, citrusy taste (it tastes like red). When it's mixed with sweet vermouth and prosecco, the result is a simple cocktail with depths of flavor ranging from bitter to sweet.

TikTok cocktail account @thirstywhale__ garnished his version with a thick orange wedge in a tall glass filled with ice. Others have utilized a short glass or even a Champagne flute to make the drink their own.

@thirstywhale__ ♬ Aceitas um negroni sbagliato - HBO Max Brasil

Vodka Through a Brita Filter

“It’s supposed to make the sting go away,” says TikTok user Shea Durazzo as he pours Tito’s vodka into a Brita water filter.

This trend went viral last month, where users sample vodka before and after filtering it through a water filter. Looks of shock paint the faces of each user as they drink the filtered vodka, amazed at the lack of burn.

Users claim that the filtration process can turn cheap vodka into top-shelf quality, but studies have debunked that claim. Still, the videos show filtration can have an effect on the taste.

“My liver’s going to hate this one,” Durazzo exclaims after taking the filtered shot.

Use this trend (or any trend for that matter) with caution. Sometimes a little burn is a good thing.


trying vodka from a brita… 10/10 recommend (i am 22)

♬ wii theme tune (trap) - Mister Ethan

Jägermeister and … Everything

One TikTok user has been pairing (... snicker ...) Jägermeister with some interesting combinations that have left us wondering why he would put himself through this. Throughout October, @unknownjpeg has been posting simple cocktails with Jägermeister as the main ingredient.

Jägermeister is a German liqueur with 56 herbs and a unique spiced flavor (with a hint of memories you'd rather forget). Some of @unknownjpeg’s recipes seem respectable enough, like Jägermeister with Red Bull or Jägermeister with Coke.

But the recipes quickly get out of hand as he continues posting cocktails such as Jägermeister with milk and Jägermeister with orange juice. Vile.
@unknownjpeg Jager and Milk is apparently a real combo 🤔🥃 #fyp #foryoupage #cocktail #alcohol #viral #trending #tiktok #asmr ♬ original sound - Ike

Color Parties

One of the most popular drink trends on TikTok is not a specific recipe, but rather a cocktail party trend. Groups of friends get together and each is charged with preparing a cocktail for the group. The most popular strategy is to give each person a color to incorporate into their drink, although other videos have themed the drinks around different topics, like ex-boyfriends.

The guests like to get creative with innovative garnishes for their drinks, like watermelon, Life Savers gummies and even a whole slice of cake.

It's also popular to come up with interesting names for each cocktail, like “Frozen Hulk” for a green, frozen cocktail and “She Got Cake” for the cocktail with cake garnish.
@shanxmiddleditch best night ever #fyp #cocktailnight #partytheme #colouredcocktail #rainbowdrink #viralvideo #trending ♬ ultimate vibes - morgan hardy
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