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More Than a Brewery, Community Beer Co. Launches Society Spirits

Community is dabbling in the hard liquor business.
Community is dabbling in the hard liquor business. Courtesy of Community Beer Company
Community Beer Co. is known for its award-winning beers such as Mosaic IPA and even its nonalcoholic beer NADA. Now it can now add "distillery" to its company CV. Recently, the local brewer launched Society Spirits, a new line of vodka, agave silver and whiskey.

Kevin Carr, founder and owner of Community, says offering liquor in addition to beer is all about providing a rich experience.

“Launching our spirits line has been a long-time goal of ours, and to see it come to fruition brings incredible diversity and excitement to the entire Community experience,” Carr says. “When you walk into our taproom, we want to offer something for everyone in a welcoming and inclusive environment.”
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Community's new vodka is distilled six times.
Community Beer Co.
On Feb. 11, Community introduced its take on vodka, agave and whiskey spirits to the public. Over the course of the evening, patrons got to try all three, including a cocktail, and we were pleasantly surprised.

First up was the vodka. Made from American-grown corn, it has a slightly sweet taste. Carr told us it's run through a distillation process six times, which gives it a clean and crisp finish. After trying it, we have to agree with his description, especially if it's served over ice.

Next was the agave, fermented with Community’s very own neutral house ale yeast and filtered through activated charcoal. This particular filtration style allows for bright floral and citrus notes to come through that you might not otherwise get from traditional agave spirits. This made the finish quite smooth without the need for any salt or lime.

The whiskey line is just in its infancy here; it takes years for a distiller to distill, age and bottle its own brand (at least two years for bourbon).

"In the meantime, we have done extensive evaluations of whiskey made and aged by other distillers in Kentucky and selected one we really love. Once we receive that whiskey, we run it through our own processes before bottling," Carr explained in an email.

There are hints of oak and vanilla that you come to expect from any good whiskey, and it had enough body on it to hug you with a warm embrace without making you sweat.

Carr stood on the bar to toast with the small gathering who came to witness this new creation, and it was easy to see the pride he has in his team. “I’m really lucky,” he told us. “Without the support of the community around, a place like this doesn’t happen. I’m just glad that I get to be a part of it and that it has continued to evolve. It’s a lot of fun.”

Community Beer Co. is more than just a brewery, and it has once again emphasized that fact with this new phase of its operations.

Society Spirits is currently available only in the Community Beer Co. taproom, but the plan is to distribute it to retail accounts later in the year.
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