Cozy New Taproom Puts Grapevine Craft Brewery on the Map

In truth, what put Grapevine Craft Brewery on the map was probably its Lakefire rye pale ale, whose use of Cascade and Centennial hops balances with a sweet maltiness and subtle fruitiness. But in its new and expanded location near downtown Grapevine, the taproom is going to put butts in seats for the budding brewery, especially once the sun ceases its annual roast. 

In early July, Grapevine Craft Brewery completed its move from its old brewing site in Farmer's Branch to a bigger space on its home turf, and while part of the expansion was in brewing capacity, another significant part of the move was the addition of the bar, which is now open 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Brewing operations got up and running at the new site July 15, and the brewery in a town celebrated for wine is making more suds than ever as it approaches its two-year anniversary this November.

They get local musicians in there on weekends, and at the moment, food trucks including the fabulous What's Cookin Chef and OinkNMoo barbecue have been known to stop by Wednesday through Sunday. Think of it as a smaller Braindead for the suburban happy hour crowd. All five of the permanent fixtures in the Grapevine Craft stable are available on tap, and on Wednesdays a limited release rotating small batch brew is also poured. Most recently, the taproom featured a light and crisp Lemon Peach Wheat concoction next to a very nice Belgian Brown ale. Last week's bonus beer was a Citrus Hibiscus Wheat.

Happy hour ($1 off all beers) runs only 3 p.m. to 5 p.m Monday through Wednesday, so cut off early from work if you're in the area and your boss looks the other way.The folks at Grapevine Craft Brewery also encourage a little Sunday Funday action with half-priced Saisons (bottled, not draught) all day. 

The patio is dog friendly, outfitted with water bowls so your thirsty pooch can cool down with a beverage while you do the same. It'll be a really nice space once our three-week window of perfect weather arrives in October. 

Look out for Grapevine Craft Brewery's next seasonal, Ten Gauge Belgian IPA, which is already available in stores, possibly one near you. It's a 7.2 percent ABV, medium-bodied effort with the hops of an American IPA but the finish of a Belgian wheat beer. 

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