Dallas Asian Street Food Night Market is returning to Plano later this month.EXPAND
Dallas Asian Street Food Night Market is returning to Plano later this month.
courtesy Harry Wang

The Dallas Asian Street Food Night Market Comes to Plano

The ever-trending Asian street food night market is coming to Plano from 5 to 10 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 27. More than 20 vendors will serve a wide range of more than 100 different Asian dishes for the Dallas Asian Street Food Night Market, held in the Super Fresh Market parking lot. Hosted by international company Dealmoon, the aim of the event is to bring the long tradition of night markets to Dallas’ nightlife, Sales Manager Adam Xia says.

On Dealmoon’s website, they claim this is the only Asian street food night market in the Dallas area — which is definitely not true, as there have been several in the last few months at Cedars banh mi shop Sandwich Hag. In March, Commerce Street Night Market hosted its Taste of Asia, and then in July, Dallas Night Market held its Asian food night at the Bomb Factory. Asian night markets are not even remotely new, but they have become a popular event in Dallas in the last year or two.

And why shouldn't they be popular? With the opportunity to browse from dozens of vendors slinging Asian dishes and handmade goods — outside of the oppressive heat of the sun — there's little not to like.

At Dealmoon's market, attendees can expect dishes such as Chinese crepes, takoyaki, Uyghur lamb kebabs and, deviating from the theme of the event, Texas barbecue. All the food will come courtesy of Yoshi Shabu Shabu, a Japanese restaurant; Big Claw, a Chinese street food restaurant; Cha Bar Thai, a Thai restaurant; and several other vendors.

Xia says what makes Dealmoon’s event different from other markets is their cap on ticket sales for admittance. They do this to help curb overcrowding. For this event, they are capping sales at 2,000 tickets. While this is Dealmoon’s second event of the year, they are in the middle of expanding to other states, such as Washington and California.

Tickets are currently going for $5, but attendees should bring cash to purchase food accordingly. Parking will also be provided on-site at the Super Fresh Market parking lot.

Super Fresh Market, 1301 Custer Road, Plano

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