Openings and Closings

Openings and Closings: Mia's Tex-Mex Is Moving and FiveSixty Has Spun Its Last Spin

Brisket tacos
Brisket tacos Sara Kerens
The original Mia’s Tex Mex on Lemmon Avenue is closing. But, calmate, they're moving to the old BuzzBrews location at 4334 Lemmon Ave., just 171 feet up the road. That’s less than a football field.

Speaking of great segues, the original location has some Dallas football history. Sometime in the late 1990s, I was walking in while this older gentleman was walking out, and I remember thinking, “He’s quite the looker for a … That’s Tom Landry!” He glanced right at me and smiled (or maybe squinted from the bright summer sun). Either way, it was just me and Coach Landry for a hot second, and I’ll never forget it. 

Coach Landry was a regular of the Tex-Mex restaurant and a good friend of owner Tiburcio “Butch” Enriquez. That made Jerry Jones’ 1989 meeting at Mia’s with Landry’s replacement, Jimmy Johnson, a wee bit awkward. Even though a photo of that meeting hangs above the booth they sat in, Ana Enriquez told Fox6 News back in 2017 that it broke her husband’s heart. She said he never went to another game after that.

Since the Dallas landmark opened back in 1981, we’ve all learned to love brisket tacos and many other dishes on their menu. For now, Mia’s is only open for takeout: Just mark another point on the COVID-19 side of the scorecard, stealing from us the opportunity to dine inside the original location one last time.

Mia's will serve their last meal this Saturday (takeout). The new place will be opening “in the next week or so." A call to the restaurant confirmed that menu is staying the same and many of the great photographs that adorn the walls will be going with them. 

Several other spots have announced they’ll be closing permanently.

Wa Kubota in Plano stated on April 30 that they were serving their last meals. “We have done our best to remain open for our customers during this trying time of COVID-19 and have also been so blessed to continue to receive support from our loyal customers for to-go orders.” 

The Dallas Morning News previously reported that The LOT in East Dallas has permanently closed. The restaurant traditionally relied on nice weather and missing an entire spring was a financial blow they knew they wouldn't be able to recover from. 

Jakes Burgers and Beers on Henderson Avenue has shuttered and won’t be opening back up. According to their home offices, this is the only location this is closed for good. 

Per the Asian Grub Facebook Group, Lion City Chinese Cafe in Plano is permanently closed. 

And DMagazine recently reported that Wolfgang Puck’s fine dining restaurant Five Sixty is permanently closed after 11 years of service.
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