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First Look at Cake Bar at Trinity Groves

If you haven't paid a visit to Trinity Groves in a while, and you're into such things, you might want to head back. A number of restaurants have opened recently as the back side of the main building continues to fill with incubating restaurant concepts.

The latest is Cake Bar, and if you can't figure out what they offer you're probably having a blood-sugar crash. You should think about letting someone else drive you there.

The shop is a looker. White shelves pop from the azure blue walls and your eyes are quickly drawn to the center of the space where pre-sliced cakes sit on display waiting to pummel your waistline. If you can break away your gaze you'll see more cakes in the back. An open kitchen shows off cooks as they diligently work offset spatulas around spinning cakes, readying the next round for the serving counter.

There are many cakes to choose from, but they mostly follow the same formula. Each is a triple layer cake of various flavors (golden, chocolate, lime and more), most of which are iced with sweet heavy cream cheese frosting. A few boast chocolate or coconut frostings. And you can buy them by the slice or the entire cake.

If you're just there for a slice, they'll pull one from one of the cake plates on the counter, plop it on a plastic plate and hand you a plastic fork. The Cake Bar is casual. That slice comes in at under $5 bucks.

I tried the Italian creme, a banana flavored cake loaded with toasted pecans. I wish the frosting wasn't so dense and so sweet -- I feel it over powered what might have actually been a delicate cake -- but I'm sure there are plenty of cake people who will flock for their daily does of cake-shaped sugar fix.

Cake Bar, 3011 Gulden Lane, Suite 117, 972-684-5801

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