Goodnight, Luscher's

Luscher's Red Hots in Deep Ellum is closed. Alice is very :-(

In the great brick room

There was a television

And a red hot, too

And a picture of

A sausage being charmed by a dude

And there were three bearded tools sitting on stools

And two smiling cashiers

And a couple of beers

And a giant mirrored knife

And the best onion rings of your life

And a Herky and a brat and a kitchen full of cuss

And a friendly old man who was whispering “Rush”

Goodnight, room

Goodnight, dude

Goodnight, sausage being charmed by a dude

Goodnight, light

And the red hot, too

Goodnight, tools

Goodnight, stools

Goodnight, cashiers

Goodnight, beers

Goodnight, sink

And goodnight, green drink

Goodnight, giant knife

And goodnight, onion rings of life

Goodnight, Herky

Goodnight, brat

Goodnight, nobody

Goodnight, cuss

And goodnight to you, the old man whispering “Rush”

Goodnight, stars

Goodnight, air

Goodnight noises everywhere.

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