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Hello, Goodbye: The Most Heartbreaking Dallas Restaurant Closures of 2016

The bar and restaurant industry is notoriously fickle. It's sadly considered notable if a restaurant lasts five years, and it's not uncommon for a restaurant to shutter in its first year. As consumers, we have emotional attachments to these places. They're where we have our first dates, our last dates, where we reconnect with people we haven't seen in ages. Which is why it's so disheartening when a restaurant that we love closes its doors. These are the Dallas restaurant closures that have bummed us out this year:

This one was a shocker. Hibiscus, a beloved restaurant on Henderson Avenue that specialized in mouth-watering steaks, closed in September. “Though purely a business decision based on the lease expiring in the near term, closing Hibiscus is also a poignant one,” said Tom Johnson, managing director for restaurants at Headington Cos. “The restaurant has been a favorite for many years, but we knew it was the right time to close, particularly as we look ahead to opening several restaurants over the next few months.”

Stephan Pyles
Back in April, high-profile Dallas chef Stephan Pyles announced that he'd be closing his eponymous eatery in order to focus his efforts on a new project: Flora Street Cafe, an ambitious high-end restaurant in the Arts District.

Just as massive road construction was wrapping up in Lower Greenville, fast-casual seafood spot C'Viche announced that they'd be closing their doors earlier this week. Owners cited the construction — and the slow-down that happened as a result — as a factor in the closure.

Zoli's Pizzeria
We all knew the day was coming when Zoli's would close its Oak Cliff location — the building needed far too many repairs to stay economically viable — but that didn't make it hurt any less. The good news is that Zoli's is about to be resurrected — but the bad news, at least for Oak Cliff, is that its new location opens soon out in Addison.

Midway Point
In April, we were heartbroken to discover that Midway Point, a classic no-frills burger joint on Midway Road, was closing due to a dispute with landlords. All was not lost, however — Midway Point's new location opened in Addison in June.

Twenty Seven
Chef David Anthony Temple evolved from preparing underground dinners to Twenty Seven, a short-lived brick and mortar spot in Deep Ellum. The restaurant closed in April and Kitchen LTO, which closed its Trinity Groves location earlier this year, opened in Twenty Seven's former space — and under temporary chef Josh Harmon, the restaurant is better than ever.
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