If You Haven't Checked Out Sakhuu, Here's The Best Reason Yet

When I reviewed Sakhuu last year, it was the service that stood out the most from my dining experiences (though those stuffed chicken wings come in at a very close second place). Kyla Phomsavanh is one of the nicest chefs I've met since reviewing restaurants in Dallas, and his personality infects the entire dining room: I always ended up having conversations with my neighboring tables.

The restaurant is typically closed on Mondays, but not for the entire month of March. Phomsavanh is opening the restaurant and donating 100 percent of sales to Kidd's Kids, a charity that gives chronically ill and physically challenged children a chance to unwind.

Opening a restaurant when you're closed to raise money for a worthy cause is pretty nice. Giving a percentage of your profit is even nicer. Donating ingredients and employee labor so an entire evening's revenue can help children going through a bum time can have some fun? I think that's pretty impressive.

If you're hungry right now you can run over for lunch this second. Or stop in tonight for the first of four dinners. Either way eat a lot of food and leave a big tip. All gratuities will be going to Kidd's Kids too.

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