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Jeana Johnson and Colleen O'Hare of Acme F&B Talk Gas Station Kitchens, Pyles' Charisma

If we considered all the Dallas restaurants that Jeana Johnson, Colleen O'Hare and Norm Grimm have worked in and made a connect-the-dot style map, it would be an overly complicated, yet highly impressive sketch of "six degrees of Kevin Bacon." I bet Bacon really is in there at some point. There's some interloping involved too.

Johnson and O'Hare have now settled into three restaurants on their map, which are noted with big shiny gold stars: Good 2 Go Tacos, GoodFriends and Acme F&B.

With all these irons on the fire, they recently roped in chef Norm Grimm, to help run things in the kitchen at Acme. Weathered souls, they all be. Sort of. They're actually all rather young. But, when York Street, The Green Room and Stephan Pyles are all dots on your culinary trail, you can claim any amount of wisdom you'd like.

Their map even works outside the lines a bit. After culinary school, Grimm went to work for Traci Des Jardins at Rubicon in San Francisco, then followed her to Jardiniere. A couple years later, he sold almost everything he owned and stuffed what was left in a backpack and hoofed it over to the South of France and cooked there for ten months. Upon his return, Grimm kicked around San Francisco a little bit, then went to Ohio to cook for a big events center where he met O'Hare. A few years later he talked her into moving Texas, and they worked together in Sharon Hage's kitchen at York Street.

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