Just Call It Milo Butterfingers

Where: Milo Butterfingers, 5645 SMU Blvd., 214-368-9212

When: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day, with additional discounts all day Monday through Wednesday

What: Various discounts from 25 cents to $1 off drinks during happy hour, plus $6 pitchers all day Monday, $2 wells all day Tuesday and $2 pints all day Wednesday.

Why: Because it's probably been open since before you could drink beer, if not apple juice -- and it shows. Also, the upcoming Fourth of July weekend is as good a time as any to revisit the saloon where bar scenes for Born On The Fourth Of July were shot.

Milo Butterfingers, or "Milo's" for short, has been around since 1971, and the busted booth seats, fading paint job and graffiti on top of graffiti in the bathroom show every second of its age. Rather than make it feel neglected and rundown, though, the aesthetic entropy only enhances the homey feel.

If the multiple big-screens, museum-worthy collection of sports memorabilia, dart boards and sporty arcade games like Golden Tee don't tip you off that Milo's is primarily a sports bar, the sparse scattering of patrons on non-game days will. Unless you're in Anaheim for tonight's Rangers game, pounding a few $2 pints at Milo's probably beats watching it on your couch.

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