Le Taco Is in Mystery Mode

Almost two weeks ago I tugged on the door at Le Taco for a quick lunch. Lettering on the door indicated the restaurant was open seven days a week, but the bolt was locked. I figured the restaurant had permanently closed. Looking through the front window, I saw a frozen margarita machine slowly spinning away. Chairs were upended and the place looked empty. In the back, art had been ripped from the wall.

A message to the owners via Facebook revealed a little. "Doing a little renovation. Removing the common tables," it read, accompanied by a picture of a gutted dinning room. Further questions received no response. The following week, Crave DFW reported the restaurant had closed. Eater followed suit.

This week the restaurant remains closed but new equipment was stowed just inside the front door. Additional questions were met with no comment. "We are choosing not to share everything with the public at this moment," read the response.

So Le Taco isn't dead, but it will likely no longer be Le Taco when it opens again. Crave speculates that a nightclub will take the taqueria's space, which explains why they'd remove the communal tables. Look for Scotch and Sausage take three to open sometime in the near future.

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