A Montreal-Style Cafe and Tea Shop Is an Oasis in Oak Cliff

A perfect room for tea
A perfect room for tea Paige Weaver
Potpourri Boulangerie is a little yellow house that sits on Zang Boulevard, just south of the Bishop Arts District. Originally a wedding cake and flower shop, this place was known as Potpourri of Silk up until late June. Three years ago, the owners’ son transitioned it to a cafe; this rebrand to Potpourri Boulangerie is just part of the reinvention of the restaurant.

Longtime Oak Cliff residents Chris and Tino Barreiro bought the building and opened Potpourri of Silk 20 years ago. Chris hails from Nicaragua, and Tino is from Cuba. They met while they were both living in Waco.

Their son Andres took over operations a few years ago. A Texas Culinary Academy graduate and veteran of restaurants such as Bolsa and Parigi, he wanted to create a Montreal-style tea shop in the heart of North Oak Cliff.

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Potpourri Boulangerie is in the Bishop Arts District on Zang Boulevard.
Paige Weaver
“I worked in Montreal for a while, and I wanted to bring what we see in Montreal back to Dallas,” Andres Barreiro says.

Walking into the restaurant, you get a preview of what’s to come. Beautiful, overgrown plants line the walkway. A fountain surrounded by planters full of flowers and greenery faces the door. Inside, it feels European and a bit like you’ve stepped back in time. The space is decorated with sconces, a chandelier and long curtains. Tables are covered in white linen. There’s an ornate fireplace in the main dining room, around which sit armchairs and an overstuffed couch. A wood-paneled room in the back is full of teapots, coffeepots, cups and books.

While there's a counter where you can order coffee and food to-go, Potpourri Boulangerie also offers table service.

All of the breads are made in-house, from the baguettes and bagels to the scones, croissants and pain aux raisin pastries.

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Paige Weaver
Potpourri Boulangerie is open for breakfast and lunch. In addition to breads and pastries, it serves a variety of hot dishes, such as blueberry pancakes, steel-cut oats, croque madames, egg sandwiches and tartines. Lunch items include tagliatelle pasta, a chimichurri-beef sandwich, quiche, chicken salad and a flatbread with smoked ham, mozzarella cheese, fried egg, roasted tomato, arugula and balsamic vinaigrette.

One of Barreiro’s favorites is the strawberry-balsamic tartine, with homemade strawberry preserves, sugared berries, feta cheese and a balsamic vinaigrette drizzle on brioche bread. For something different, order it with a poached egg on top, the way he often ate this dish in culinary school.

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Croissant with strawberry jam and coffee
Paige Weaver
Potpourri Boulangerie also serves coffee and a large selection of teas from Cavallini Fine Coffee and Tea. Barreiro is passionate about tea, so here you’ll find blends of teas as well as loose-leaf varieties, including many types of black, green, white and herbal teas. Potpourri Boulangerie sachets all their teas in-house — nothing comes from a can. Eventually, Barreiro hopes to import his teas from Montreal.

Barreiro is constantly looking for ways to improve; he’s not yet done with the rebrand. He has plans to update the interior as well as the menu.

“Bread is such a good base,” he says. “But I don’t want to be a sandwich shop forever. Eventually I want to go back to the hot cuisine side and serve more plated dishes, bistro-style.”

Potpourri Boulangerie, 317 N. Zang Blvd. (Bishop Arts)., 214-941-9941. Open 7 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday.
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Paige Weaver
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