Rahr's Bucking Bock: Drink it While You Can

I'm trying not to obsess, but it seems like every day feels a little warmer than the last. The climbing mercury is making me want to grab onto the last days of spring and hang on as tightly as I can. And there's other signs of the season slipping away. Like Rahr Brewery's spring Bucking Bock, a beer I fell in love with while enjoying a cool breeze at The Porch.

"You've got about two more weeks," Melissia Simmons told me when I asked her where else I could enjoy the golden hoppy brew. Simmons says the beer takes eight weeks to brew so they made a ton of it to make sure they don't run out. "There's a good bit of it laying around," she added.

The 7.5 percent ABV brew is a German-style maibock traditionally brewed in late fall to be cellared and enjoyed in the spring. The beer is light tasting and drinkable with a light head and a slightly malty flavor. Simmons tells me it will soon be replaced at most bars with a summer rotator from the brewery.

Want to take a pint for a test drive? Tonight, the Ginger Man will be holding a Bucking Bock glass night -- buy a beer, take home a tankard. The following locations also still have it on tap. Drink the last of spring while you still can.

The Porch The Ginger Man Katy Trail Ice House Uptown Pub Tillman's Roadhouse

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Scott Reitz
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