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Ranking Dubuisson Scaldis Belgian Ale, And Two Upcoming Beer Dinners

One of my purchases during Central Market's Brewtopia deal (when you could get 25 percent off beer purchases of $25 or more) was Dubuisson Scaldis Belgian Ale, ounce-for-ounce one of the most expensive beers I've ever bought. But I had a feeling it would be good, considering how great Scaldis Noel is. Full Hophead Ranking after the jump. But first, a couple of upcoming beer events worth noting...

If you hustle, you can make it to the Libertine's Devilishly Good Beer Dinner, which begins tonight at 7. All five beers (Duvel, Rogue Dead Guy, Real Ale Devil's Backbone, Hop Devil and Maudite) paired with the five-course menu have some kind of devil or otherwise otherworldly and spooky reference in the title. Menu is available on the Facebook event page. Tickets ($50) were still available as of this afternoon. (Or you could just watch the Rangers game and show your Lone Star pride with $2.50 pints of all Texas beers).

The Common Table is selling tickets for a November 7 Saison Sunday School. The 3:30 p.m. event pairs six different saisons with six different foods. Considering the between-meals start time and that the cost is just $40, I wouldn't expect to get too full or too drunk, but it sounds like a good way to learn a bit about a very fun beer style and have a good afternoon snack in the process.

Dubuisson Scaldis Belgian Ale
Appearance: Copperish-blonde and hazy with a light-tan offwhite head that doesn't last as long as expected. 8/10
Nose: The moment I poured it, a very strong alcohol aroma mixes with a very complex, delicious blend of of rum-soaked figs and other dark fruit with toffee, molasses, honey and Belgian yeast, practically filling the room like a wonderful potpourri. I already am convinced it's worth the price. 10/10
Taste: Wonderful. The alcohol presence is pronounced--no surprise considering it's 12 percent ABV. But it's not at all unpleasant. All the nose elements are present, plus some lemony hop bite and some candi-sugar sweetness. Outstanding Belgian beer, and worth the hefty price tag. It's so strong and easily enjoyed with small airy, slurping sips, almost like a fine cognac, that you could even share it. But you won't want to. 40/40
Body: Medium-bodied, with a slightly sticky feel and mild carbonation. Works for the style. 9/10
Finish: Despite the sweetness, it has a spicy, hoppy kick to it at the end, and the alcohol has an almost numbing affect. Compulsively drinkable. 10/10
Style/Originality: An outstanding example of a strong Belgian pale ale. 10/10
Party Factor: This 12 percent ABV retails at $3.99 for an 8.48-ounce bottle, giving it a factor of 2.12, rounding to 2.
Total: 89

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