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Shug's is Expanding to the Pink and Yellow Spot on Lemmon Avenue

Shug's Bagels
Shug's Bagels Paige Weaver
The Great American Hero sandwich shop at 4001 Lemmon Ave. is closing its doors later this month. It will be relocating to Timber Creek Crossing Shopping Center at Skillman and Northwest Highway, with plans to open again in September.

Shug’s Bagels will open its second Dallas location when it takes over the eye-catching pink and yellow building on Lemmon. The popular bagel shop made its debut near the SMU campus in 2020 and became known for its freshly baked bagels and customizable options.
Justin Shugrue, owner and operator of Shug’s Bagels, says construction will start soon, and one major change is coming to the location.

“We will not keep the colors of the property the same. But the shape, feel and vibe of it, I aim to keep the same,” Shugrue said. “There is a tremendous amount of charm and sentimental value in the property and it is my intention to salvage as much of it as possible. The iconic roof shape, large monument signage and cozy patio will all be very similar in design.”

This change will be a hard goodbye for fans of the pink and yellow building, especially those who use the outside as a background for Instagram-worthy photos.

While Shug's may not be keeping the building's bright colors, they're hoping they can use one feature that will allow them to reach more customers.

“Having the opportunity to use the drive-through as a pick-up window for online orders will be tremendous for us. Already a third of our orders at Shug’s first location are 'online order pick-up,' and our first property is not designed to handle that," Shugrue said. "With a drive-up/pick-up window at the second location, it will be super efficient and offer an amazing product and service to the community.”

Shugrue is hoping to have this second location open in the summer of 2023 once construction is up and running.
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