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Ten Ramen, the New Ramen Spot from Tei-An's Teiichi Sakurai, Opens Tomorrow

We have been waiting, however impatiently, for chef Teiichi Sakurai's ramen joint to open for what seems like forever. We have long been tantalized with visions of $10 bowls of ramen crafted by one of the city's best chefs, and it looks as if our Dallas nightmare is finally over. On Friday night, Ten Ramen finally opened its doors for the first night of soft opening.

As Eater Dallas reported on Friday, Ten Ramen has not yet officially opened its doors to the public, but Friday's soft launch was a significant step forward.

Ten Ramen is located in Sylvan Thirty, the new multi-use development at Sylvan Avenue and Highway 30. You may remember that the building was severely damaged by a fire last year, which set back construction by several months. In the four hours that it was open on Friday night, Ten Ramen seemed to satisfy the palates of the folks who managed to squeeze into the 750-square foot place.

Close up of tonkatsu ramen from #tenramen.

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If you enjoy the tonkotsu ramen at Tei-An, Sakurai's esteemed restaurant in One Arts Plaza, you're assuredly going to love the things he's cooking up at Ten. We've yet to see a full menu, but you should just assume that anything that comes out of this guy's kitchen is going to be excellent. Best of all -- the price point makes it so affordable that you won't have to take out another mortgage on your house because you keep getting seduced by the $60-for-five-slices Akaushi beef at Tei-An.

Ten Ramen will officially open its doors on Tuesday, at which time you can slurp as many noodles as you damn well please, assuming that you're able to beat out the actual hordes of people who will start lining up at Sakurai's door starting tomorrow. You might want to go ahead and get that tent ready now.

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