The C&C cocktailEXPAND
The C&C cocktail
Sarah Mize

Escape from Summer Heat with The French Room Bar’s C&C Cocktail

Growing up, did you find yourself conflicted about the letter "C"? You obviously never wanted to hand your report card off to Mom and Dad with a "C" on it. But "C" also stood for cookie, and that song was just so dang catchy. (It's going to be caught in your head for the rest of the day now; and we're sorry. Kind of.)

As adults, The French Room Bar is giving us something better to think of when it comes to C’s. Their C&C cocktail is a bright, intriguing cocktail that will give you a little lift in the midst of this heat. Not only because of the fresh and light flavors of cucumber and celery balanced with a gentle heat from the pink peppercorn, but also because the bar itself is a respite from the heat. It's tucked inside the historic Adolphus Hotel and the curtains are always drawn, so you can spend hours on end at the gorgeous bar to wait out the sun without realizing.

Stop in to enjoy this pleasant vacation of a drink, and report back to us about how long you lost yourself in the cozy bar.

C&C ($16): Waterloo Gin, cucumber, celery, lime, pink peppercorn and thyme

The French Room Bar, 1321 Commerce St. (downtown)

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